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LAST UPDATED 9 October 2009.





We now have a list of show dates for next year.  However, if no-one is going to help remove the trail gear, take down the arena and generally help put away club gear at the end of each, then there will be no shows.  The club will not organise any judges for next show season until some members come forward and put their names down to help with the above jobs.  The jobs will take less than an hour to do at the end of the day.


If you want to be put down on a roster system, it means you only have to help for one hour in total over the whole show season.  How hard is that!!!.  So come on all you members, following are the show dates, pick a day and help pack up our gear at the end of the day.  It is that simple.


Our show dates are below and I have started the ball rolling by putting my name forward to put away the gear at our first show.  Who else is going to help?


21 February               Lee Haste & Ryan Pinney

14 March                    Steve & Veronica Jacobsen

18 April                       Barry & Lindy Dyne

9 May                          ..........................................

27 June                      ..........................................

25 July                        Kevin Gallagher & Zeeta Salmon

22 August                   Dianne Mickelsen

19 September           Rebecca Lee



Come on everyone, put forward your name.  You can email me with the date you wish to do and I will ad it to our list which will be available on our website for people to see which dates are taken.


If we cannot fill the show dates with a list of names by our next meeting which is on the first Wednesday in November, you can forget about showing next year.  Is that really what you want?


Contact Lee on 07 41561645 or by email with your preferred date.





CONGRATULATIONS to all our members that won awards at the Maryborough & District Western Performance Club held on Sunday 23 August..




Please note that all meetings are on the first Wednesday of every month.****   




If all members could come to our next meeting we will be able to discuss and arrange dates for Future Training Days, Trail Rides, BBQ's and Fund Raising events.  So please support your Local Club and bring your bright ideas with you. 



Membership fees are now due for renewal.  For those existing members forms will be forwarded with the club's newsletter.  For those new members wishing to join membership forms are avaiable off our website on the Forms page or by contacting the club's secretary whose details are listed on the front page.